A Pausing Place


I’m hanging out near Charleston, SC for bit. Not so much because I’m attracted to the area, but because I’m coming to the end of this phase of Act IV and I have a few more things to do before I head out West…

I want to head over to see a couple towns in N. GA, but during Thanksgiving, I’ll be driving down to see my family in Palm Bay, FL. So It seems like Charleston is a good place to stay until after the holiday. I don’t see the point in taking the RV down to FL, so I’ll just take the Jeep.

If the weather cooperates, I’ll pick up the RV and head over to Helen/Dahlonega, GA (I don’t know why exactly), then stop in to see my buddy Doug in N. AL (Hey Doug, mind if I stop by?). That should be my jumping off point for the West.

Phase I of this adventure is nearing a close – seeing Maine and Nova Scotia, getting the kinks worked out with the RV and the lifestyle. I’m drawn to the West, something’s been pulling me. Phase I has been practical. Phase II seems more spiritual.

While I’m “laid up” here, I’ll use the time to get some consulting work done to help build up my funds. I also want to get the Past Life Recall MP3 finished (I need a better name for it). I’ve decide to give it away rather than sell it. Something tells me that’s the right way to go too.

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3 comments on “A Pausing Place
  1. Glad says:

    I like this picture a lot. It brings out many different emotions, with the empty chair in the dark and just a few steps ahead light and further ahead a bridge to some unknown place. Makes me wonder if the owner of the chair retreived further into the darkness or did he or she ventured into the light.

    Have a happy turkey day.

  2. Doug In Powell says:

    Cool picture looks Si-Fi.

    You maintain an open invitation. I’m sure you know I’d be upset if you didn’t stop. You can harass me over my sedentary life and I can wish I had the nerve to cut loose and hit the road (again) and let all the credit companies down that are counting on me to support them. Of course, I do that perfectly well while reading your blog, but it’s much more fun in person.

  3. Nan says:

    Looking for gold? It was discovered in Dahlonega. I know two idiots who actually panned for the stuff there!

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