The Four Acts of Wayne Wirs

My life has evolved through four distinct phases.

Act I – The Solid Level

From birth to about 35, I lived a pretty typical life. School, military service, chasing women, chasing money, chasing things. At about 18, a powerful experience in the Army led me down the spiritual path – but it wasn’t until my mid-30’s that I caught a glimpse of what I had sought my entire adult life: The source of consciousness.

Act II – The Liquid Level

After a few more satori experiences, I eventually realized that I wasn’t going to be able to stabilize this new viewpoint while living my old life in South Florida. I sold everything I owned and moved across the U.S. to Portland, OR., where, in my new surroundings, my identity stabilized and a feeling of balance settled in.

Eventually, my savings ran out, and – though the reasons weren’t entirely clear to me at the time – I returned to South Florida. I got a job in Miami, sitting in a cubicle for eight hours a day, writing computer code.

Though I was back in the “real world” physically, I had found a way of living in balance with the wider, more expansive world of the deeply spiritual.

Acts I & II are documented in detail in my book, Fading Toward Enlightenment.

Act III – The Painful Level

After Fading Toward Enlightenment was published, I spent the majority of my time trying to promote it. I had decided that I would give it 100% of my efforts, not wanting to look back one day and feel I had missed the opportunity. So I quit my job, moved to Deerfield Beach, FL and plugged away.

But, even with the great reviews, the book never took off and, having spent my life savings on advertising and developing other projects, I eventually had to file for bankruptcy. Kidney stones, dealing with the VA medical system, and almost completely out of money, the situation was indeed hopeless. I fully expected to die broke on my birthday of 2007 (I’m never going back to working in an office). But Fate had other ideas.

During meditation one night, I experienced a powerful movement of energy – an energy that would eventually settle into my chest area and become what I would call God Well. The next day, within a half hour of experimenting with this energy, I received two phone calls from two different people with two different freelance job offers. I took one of these offers, which allowed me to work from my home, make my own hours, and help me rebuild – somewhat – my finances.

Act IV – The Taoist Nomad

The time has come for me to start living again. I’m not certain what exactly I’ll be doing next, but I do know it has something to do with a motorcycle, an RV, and a camera.

Stay tuned.

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6 thoughts on “The Four Acts of Wayne Wirs

  1. As always, my life is in turmoil… and as always, I am looking for some comfort here. I am exactly where I was two years ago, only now it is more painful and most probably it will result in a life-altering change which scares the hell out of me. The world I have known these past 15+ years has been slowly slowly falling apart, and with every crumbling bit I have been turning into the worst version of myself…
    I need to slow down and re-experience the God Well which once helped me so much. I need to read your words again. I need to re-discover the simplicity of life, find the joy of it and figure out my purpose here (yeah, good luck, I know).
    You have been there for me without even knowing. Remember the bench you once photographed? What was it they had carved on it? Thank you for existing? Yeah, really, thank you.

  2. Aloha Wayne,

    I’ve followed your journey for a long time now, maybe it’s been five years. You are resilent and resourceful. You have the God Well to keep your feet moving one in front of the other. Your destiny is available as long as you have breath. Once we stop breathing, well, clearly that phase has ended. I applaud you for moving to Phase 4. I know that in a way that is suitable for your evolution, you will find your way. You are a precious, authentic voice, and we both know that you are very, very loved by that which is most divine in and around all of us.

    Wishing you joy beyond your wildest imagination,
    alexandra austin

  3. Wayne-

    Thanks for inviting me to experience this journey with you through words and pictures. I, like so many others, am envious of you~ Perhaps living this through your adventures will sooth the disquiet in my soul.

    Good luck… I’ll be watching 🙂


  4. God took me away from my family and society and giving enough opportunities to awaken from illusions. Providence isn’t?
    I was resisting His guidance for 2 years and after reading your blog, I’m realizing His wisdom in deciding my life path. Now i can relax without much thoughts. How hard it is to learn the lessons.

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