Design Flaws


Some design flaws, of my doing, started to raise their heads. Some I’ve fixed, some not.

First, with my motorcycle on the back and at highway speeds, the front end of the RV tends to float a little. This wasn’t apparent on my initial testing (which I did at low speeds). I’ve fixed this by loading six cases of Fading Toward Enlightenment up in the cab overhead to offset the additional weight in the rear.

The next problem also has to do with hauling the motorcycle on the back. The Versa-Haul sticks out about 4 feet from the back of the RV. When you drive through a dip, the hauler scrapes the road. Miserable. I might need to attach a couple wheels on the back just to protect it.

The last problem has to do with the drawers in some dressers I installed in the back office. During a very tight turn today, one of the drawers popped open and fell to the floor, damaging the drawer. I had attached little resistance rollers, but I guess I’ll have to attach a latch to each drawer (or something).

The above photo was shot near Athens, TN.

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