Downtown Burlington and Photo Technique


Before they left, my really cool campground neighbors, the Hubbell’s, asked me what technique I used to get these type of shots…


It’s called HDR – High Dynamic Range – and you use multiple shots of the same scene (usually) to capture the detail in the highlights, shadows and mid range. Normally, your camera can’t capture this wide a range of light, even though your eye can. This is one of the primary reasons why amateur photographers (not you of course) are disappointed with their results – the scene they saw doesn’t look like the one in their photo because of blinding white skies or dark black shadows. With HDR, you combine the different exposures into one photo which brings out the details across the entire light range – much as you see with your naked eye.


Obviously, I’m still learning my way around this technique (in combination with my own personal recipe). Not completely happy with it, but I expect soon to find a look which I can call my own. That’s advice I often give to new photographers/artists: emulate someone you admire (in my case it was Harry Callahan) and soon, in the learning process, you’ll find your own style. This is what I’m doing with the HDR right now, playing with it, waiting for my own style to show. It’s a work in progress, and kinda cool that I (or anyone else) will be able to look back at this blog and see it evolving.


HDR can be done completely in Photoshop, but I use Photomatix combined with Photoshop as I find the controls in Photomatix are more flexible than Photoshop alone.

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  1. I like the door at # 135. The others are cool – but they don’t draw me the same as that one. When you decide to start selling photos again, add that one to the list. I’m sure I’ll find a suitable spot to display it.

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