Even though I haven’t dated for three years, irony would have it that I would meet a wonderful woman three weeks before I was to leave S. Florida.

Gigi was a dentist in Columbia – and has never had a cavity – so I think this shot represents her well.

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2 thoughts on “Gigi

  1. This response does not have to do with this particular entry, but anyway….
    I have seen your “old website” years before. Very nice. It seems like you have just stopped adding to it, and now this blog is the only current thing (which I like, by the way). However, I was wondering why the other site is now the “old” website? Are you done with that expression?
    How come you do not sell your photos? At least, I did not see a way for individual prints.

    As I said, I really enjoy the blog, as I love travel. Keep it up! You have a very unique, and admirable way about yourself.


    A Fellow Liquid

  2. Hi CJ. This site is just a continuation of my “old” sites – the next phase in my life. If you dig deep enough, you will see that there are actually about three “old” sites (1, 2, 3). All of them were created before we had all these neat blogging tools.

    Once I get on the road and “get settled”, I should be selling individual prints again.

    Thanks for the questions!

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