Juarez, Mexico


I arrived in El Paso, TX yesterday evening. Paid for a week so I could have some time to explore the area. This morning, I walked into Juarez, Mexico (and “no,” Mom, I didn’t see a single drug cartel or gang member). Very nice people. Strolled down to the local outdoor market to get a feel for the flavor of Mexico. Very cool. I only wish I was eating as I love mexican food. Oh well. The above shot is of the Guadalupe Mission.

For more on the juice fast, see my notes after the break…

On Saturday, I decided not to make the juice fast an ego thing. I wanted to eat something solid and I wanted to see if the hunger would become an issue again. So I went to a Pizza Hut and hand two servings from their salad bar and two teeny, tiny slices of vegetarian pizza. Felt almost sick afterwards, but at the same time sated. The next day I had put on 3 pounds and am still, two days later, one pound heavier than that morning. Strange huh?

Day 9 of my “One Meal a Week” diet. Weight lost: 12 lbs. Hunger did come back, but not too bad.

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