Letchworth State Park, NY


This is a beautiful state park in western New York state. Unfortunately, I have to leave Friday because they are booked up.

Explored the park on my motorcycle – it’s such a freeing feeling riding the bike through nature. So much nicer than driving the RV.

Spent the day taking care of things I’ve been neglecting: laundry, fixing those drawers I broke the other day, and of course my consulting work. Still, had a little time to shoot some photos.



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One thought on “Letchworth State Park, NY

  1. Very nice. My home was this park when I was growing up. I was born in Mt. Morris. How nice to see these photos. I have many fond memories from this park and yes it’s a great ride on a bike. For those of you that may not know the park is often referred to as “The grand canyon of the East” It is 17 miles long with many deep gorges and waterfalls. A park of parks.


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