Meditating on Eternity


I was watching a little Ben Hur in the evening, and, upon viewing the scene where Christ gives, under the threat of death, the enslaved Charlton Heston, a drink of water, I thought, “What if we all could live like that, without any fear of dying, living without fear of oppression, social norms or peer pressure?” I went down to the river behind the RV and meditated on that awhile.


I sat and watched the way the current of the river, coursing over a shallow section, created a pattern of ripples. The shape of the pattern was constant, but the ripples were shifting and changing. Much like a person’s life, the shape stays fairly constant, but the day to day aspects are constantly in flux. We are raised to cling to the ripples, to solve our daily problems, not realizing that our shape will remain intact nonetheless. Soon the seasons turn, the pattern fades, disappears, then, in springtime, begins anew.

We are born, we live, we age, we die and then we merge back into the One. Soon, when the time is right, we are born again, and in a very similar pattern as the last few lives, we continue on. What if we knew we don’t die, much like Christ knew, much like Buddha knew? What if we knew? How would it change our lives? These things I contemplated, sitting on the bank of the river as the sunlight faded to twilight. These are things I need to write about. These are the things I need to talk about in The Implications of the Soul.

An aside: Obviously these photos don’t take themselves. After meditating, I got up, went back to the RV to get my camera and tripod to take the pictures of the river. When I returned, a woman had sat down in the exact spot I had been sitting, having observed me meditating there. I said, “That’s a great spot to meditate.” To which she replied, “It is a great spot!” I smiled, petted her dog, took my pictures and left.

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