Out My Window & Thinking Too Much


Left Bethel this morning and am staying in the Paul Bunyan Campground outside Bangor, Maine for a few days. This is a shot outside my window. Most everyone is gone now that Labor Day weekend is practically over. Very, very pleasant.

I received an email from my brother the other day, and I wanted to copy my response for you – the lesson being: DON’T even try to get it right the first time. It’s a waste of effort and time…

Note: Jeff and I had spent a good 30 hours on designing side ramps for making it easier to ride the motorcycle up on the rack attached to the back of the RV. The idea was to give yourself a place to put your feet so you could “power walk” the bike up the ramp.

The motorcycle rack: I just loaded it up in less than 5 minutes (getting ready to head east). I’ve found that I don’t even use the foot ramps anymore, I just push it up there. It turns out, that once you’re confident, you can just push it right up. The keys: 1. Make sure the bike is perfectly lined up so you know the rear wheel will align with the ramp. 2. Knowledge that the bike won’t bump into the spare tire, won’t fall over on you, etc – things you learn with experience. My problems were the first few times I was trying to “make sure” the tires lined up, the bike wouldn’t fall over on me, the spare tire was out of the way, etc… and this hesitation made it really difficult to push the bike up there.

The lesson, just give something new your best shot without putting too much thought into it. Don’t try to make it perfect because there is no way you’re going to figure it all out. Try it, fail at it a few times, learn your lesson and hit it again.

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