Over the last week I’ve been making preparations for what I am calling Act IV of my life – which I plan to start on August 1st, 2008, when I drive off in my RV to destinations unknown.

I have started the process of giving away practically all my possessions. I’ll keep what I’ll need for my travels, and the rest will go. I’ve rented a bay in a nearby storage facility, so that I can work on the RV without disturbing my neighbors. I got a great deal on the bay, thanks in no small part to Michele, a massage therapist who is working at the storage place part time. I gave here a copy of my book in gratitude.

I spent most of the day yesterday and today working on the floors of the RV. I tore out the old carpet yesterday (above) and am now laying in the new floor (below). It’s hard work, but surprisingly enjoyable. Rather than thinking about this as a huge task, I find it best just to focus on the current step of the project. Tear the carpet out. Clean the floor. Measure, cut, lay in place. Measure, cut, lay in place. In Zen it’s called Mindfulness. In Taoism, it’s referred to as “doing what needs to be done.” No trying – just doing.


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