Self Portrait


That’s me in the lower right mini-bus reflection. But the rest of the photo is who I am on the inside. Obviously there is something seriously wrong with me.

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4 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. Here’s my mother’s response to this photo:

    Now, these pictures are more you! Doors, windows etc. (into your soul?)

    I especially like the one of your reflection. Subconsciously, you have another reflection of yourself besides the one in the van window. The house represents the three levels of your consciousness, with the highest level at the top of the house. Significantly, the stairs to the top (your highest level of consciousness) are almost in the exact center of the picture. Truly, a “self portrait”.

    Keep it coming!


    I don’t know what it is, but I do have a thing for doors, stairs and windows.

    – Wayne

  2. your mother’s comment…very sweet and supportive! thats wonderful. she seems like a great lady.
    your comment made me smile! about you must have some problem. what i got from it is, you are simple and live simple yet in contrast you are like the house many levels of you and many possible “doors” and “windows” to the soul and personality.

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