State of the Adventure Address – Part I


It’s been two months now that I’ve been on the road and I thought I’d share some discoveries I’ve made about the adventure so far…

Where I like to stay

I’ve found I like to go though cycles of brief bouts of playing tourist followed by more extended periods of hunkering down. Being on the move constantly gets old real quick and I find that I like to settle into a place for a week or more afterwards.

I’ve found that I don’t particularly care to stay in a touristy area for long – there are way too many, well, tourists, the prices are outrageous, and the campgrounds tend to be of the “parking lot” variety.

When I do hunker down, what I like is a campground or state park that is near a large town or a small city. Often these places aren’t too crowded, and in the case of state parks, are beautifully wooded with lots of privacy.

What is important to me, and why being near civilization is key, is having high-speed Internet access. It is very difficult to work as a freelance consultant with dial-up speeds. The closer I’m camped to a large town or city, the more likely my air card will have 3G/EVDO reception.

Another aspect of camping near a large town / small city is that you have ready access to supplies, food, etc. Not such a big deal when you are camping part-time, but for full-timing it – it’s critical.

I’ll have more insights that I’ve discovered in Part II.

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