State of the Adventure Address – Part II


Part II of what I’ve discovered over the last two months…


Loneliness is probably the toughest factor while traveling solo full-time. I’m pretty much a loner (I like people, I just don’t like being around them all the time) so I can handle being alone better than most. Still it can be tough.

There is hope for loners like me though: Work camping. Work camping is when you work at a campground, farm, resort, etc., and in exchange for your time, they provide you with a place to park your rig (and often pay you a salary). Rene and Jim of “Live. Work. Dream.” have a great blog that details their adventures of the work camping experience.

For me, right now, work camping doesn’t make sense – I make a very good income from my freelance work. But, if I ever found the right girl for a traveling companion, she could do the work camping. This would pay for our place to stay, keep us apart enough to satisfy my loner nature and I’d still be able to work out of the RV generating enough $$ to pay for the travel and living expenses.

But until then, there are always cats (dogs are way too high-maintenance for me). I don’t have one yet, but I am considering adoption.

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2 thoughts on “State of the Adventure Address – Part II

  1. Why can’t the girl work off the internet too, for a living? What if she doesn’t like work camping? I know I did a bit when I travelled through Europe in my 20’s and I don’t think I would like to do that now. I do love my internet business though.

    I too am a loner and like spending time alone. Sometimes I feel I neglect my boyfriend because I need to be alone more than he does, but he loves me and understands me, thus making me love him more for the freedom he gives me. I feel more in tune with everything and everyone around me when I take a vacation alone in nature at least once a year.

    Happy travels,

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