Testing the Versa-Haul


I took a bit of a risk buying a KLR-650 motorcycle, not knowing beforehand if the RV would be able to haul it. Almost everything I read online said it couldn’t be done.

But with assurances from my brother, and a bit of metalwork on his part, I gave it a shot.

After trying a few different tie-downs (get the ratchet type if you’re interested in doing this), I took the RV out for a spin with the bike on back. I intentionally hit bumps and took corners too fast while eyeing the rear-view mirrors to see if the motorcycle would go careening off and shatter into a thousand pieces. It held on like a trooper. Additionally, the RV handled fine. I expected the front end to rise up a bit with the additional 500 lbs hanging off the back, thus screwing up the steering, but remarkably, it didn’t affect it at all. I literally noticed no difference in the handling.

If you are interested in boosting the weight carrying capacity of your trailer hitch, what my brother did was to weld a “T” brace directly to the hitch. This “T” extends a couple feet deeper under the RV. The arms of the “T” are then bolted directly to the frame. This has the affect of distributing the downward load directly to the chassis. Thanks Jeff. Works great!

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