The Adventure Begins


Today marks the first day of Act IV of my life – my life on the road.

I’ll be staying in this little county park just on the edge of the Everglades for a few days – enough time to organize all the stuff I crammed into the RV. I’ll also use this time to get all the bugs worked out before I head north.

So far so good. I was concerned about my generator, which was conking out, but it was just a matter of not enough gas in the RV’s tank. The wireless card is working flawlessly at keeping me connected. My GPS does a great job at finding food and stores and such in my area. The A/C is blowing cold air, my iPhone is doubling as a stereo system, and there is lush green foliage out my office window (I’ll have to start another “Out My Window” photo series, but currently my window is filthy so it will have to wait).

As you can see above, I modified my Versa-Hauler. Jeff, my brother, suggested I build a platform & ramps on either side of the tire track so I can ride the bike right up it. I put it together the other day and, just prior to testing it thought for sure I’d fall off and break my neck. After a few stall and helpless slides backward down the ramp, I got the hang of it. Line up the tire, gun the sucker and ride it straight up in one smooth motion. If you hesitate, you’ll stall it and slide back down. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to load and unload the bike this way.

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2 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. I am currently looking to do the same as you, please keep me updated. Great pictures, I also enjoy taking pics too.
    All The Best
    John D. Wheeler
    21262 Yontz Road
    Brooksville, Fl 34601

  2. Your adventure parallels my own. After years of desiring a change, I’m leaving a corporate management role this week to focus on working with my husband teaching Shamanism and reviving a massage business I’d put on the shelf for a couple of years.

    I look forward to hearing about all Spirit reveals to you on your journey. I send you energy for your highest good and many blessings as you blaze a new trail. ENJOY! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

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