The Mysterious Box


Just above my campsite, in the middle of the high mountain desert, is this mysterious box. Yesterday, as I was hiking back down the hill from my morning meditation, I saw a man poking around inside it…

Inside the box was nothing more than a pipe sticking up from the ground. The guy told me that this is a water well that leads down to the aquifer which supplies the area and he was testing the quality of the water. He told me that we were at an elevation of over 3000 feet above sea level – explains why I lose my breath so quickly hiking up the hill – and that the water is about 400 feet below the desert.

Amazing when you think about it – the natural resources that are found here: The water, the oil (pumps are scattered throughout, though not excessively), and the grazing land for the cattle. All of this on land that is owed by the government (and free to camp, hike or explore by the public) and leased to private organizations to use.

Day 6 of my juice fast. Have lost 12 lbs. (over 5 days) and the hunger only comes when I smell or see food (psychological). Since my stomach isn’t digesting anything, the hunger has pretty much gone away, though not the temptation – I came THAT close to a Taco Bell bean burrito with nachos and cheese and salsa (oh baby). The juice, liquid vitamins and liquid protein really help with keeping the energy level up (as opposed to my water fast experiences where you are constantly feeling weak).

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