The RV


On Saturday all went well. My brother gave me a ride to pick up the RV, we stopped in to see the folks, and I arrived back in Deerfield just in time for one more synchronistic occurrence…

Just as I pulled in, my neighbor, Denise and her friend Dave (the president of the condo association), returned from the beach on their bicycles. I invited them in as it was just starting to rain. I told them a little about the RV, it’s an old one, 1994, but only has 22,000 miles so it’s in pretty decent shape. I explained to them my nefarious plan of world domination traveling the country, shooting photos, writing software, and living a Taoist Nomad lifestyle.


Now the condo association doesn’t allow RVs (or motorcycles for that matter) so I told Dave that I’d find a place to store it tomorrow. He said he was envious of me (something I heard two or three times from others over the next few days), and said I could leave it here as long as I wanted. What are the odds that they would just be happening by at the exact moment that I pulled in?

PS: I think I captured the image of one of the previous owners (the RV was sold originally in an estate sale). See her there by the upper left cabinet? – Seriously, I don’t know what that ghosting could be, no light was hitting the lens and other shots with this lens didn’t show the clouding. Maybe that’s why I got the RV for so cheap.

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One thought on “The RV

  1. oh wayne!
    so many synchronicities……thank you for being my hall way Guru. I had a good cry after our hug.

    Please stay in touch!!!

    always sending love- always connected,

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