The Search for a New Home

Pier in Deerfield Beach FL

After driving all around South Florida on Tuesday, I found three RV’s that I really liked: The first, a Coachmen, was newest and looked the nicest, but I didn’t trust the salesman. The second (a Four Winds) and third (a Tioga) were about even in quality, but the Four Winds had more extras thrown in. The Tioga, was the very first RV I came across when I started my search online over two months ago. Ironically, it is also the same model as the RV used by the guy who got me thinking about going mobile in the first place: The Adventures of Tioga and George.

I’m not always a good Taoist, particularly when it comes to big decisions, so I ignored the distrust I had for the Coachmen salesman and called to make an offer. No good. He had take a deposit on it less than an hour ago. I called on the Four Winds. No good. He too had taken a deposit less than an hour before my call. Now both of these RV’s had been advertised and available for over a month.

Trying to wrap my head around the sheer enormity of these coincidences, I went for a ride on my bike, got caught in the rain and pulled into a Wendy’s to wait for the storm to blow over. I was certain that by the time I got home, the Tioga would have been sold also.

While waiting for the rain to stop, I noticed how much stress I was feeling from the whole trying thing. Trying to find the perfect RV. Trying to decide on a good price. Trying, trying, trying. I just let it go. If the Tioga was meant for me, then she would be there for me. That’s Taoism – Allow. Flow. Accept.

I got home, and placed the call. Annette, the owner, said that only an hour ago – and when I heard her say that phrase my heart nearly stopped – the storm had caused a guy who was “very interested” in the Tioga to cancel his appointment – apparently he didn’t want to look at it in the rain.

Saturday, my brother and I are driving to Mims to pick her up (the RV, not Annette).

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