Two Weeks is Too Long


I started eating again. For a Taoist, finding a balance within yourself is very important. Two weeks of denying yourself solid food just makes you think about solid food all the more. My slightly modified, but more balanced plan…

After 12 days of dieting (fruit and vegetable juice only), I lost 15 lbs. But, after the first 7 days, I had already lost 13 lbs. The last week, a combination of a lower metabolism and cravings for sugary liquids (chai, lemonade, etc.) dramatically slowed the weight loss.

So here’s the modified plan: Alternate between healthy, maintenance meals for a week or two, followed by a week of the juice-only diet. Repeat until desired weight is obtained. Maybe 3 days of diet followed by 4 days of maintenance (fits nicely in a week). The point being to not diet so long that the cravings get too strong, so strong that you obsess about eating or you bend the rules as I did.

My new maintenance diet has only three rules (Taoist-types hate rules): No candy. No soda and nothing that I wouldn’t be willing to kill myself. That means no mammals or birds. I can kill plants, eggs, some crustaceans, and fish (though I always feel bad when I do). There’s a logic to this: It just doesn’t seem right to let someone else to do the dirty work. If I’m not willing to do the killing, then I shouldn’t eat it. With a little imagination (admittedly gross imagination), just picturing myself cutting the throat of a cow or pig is surprisingly effective at curbing my meat cravings.

This may not seem like much of a diet to you, but keep in mind I used to eat these things (candy, soda, and animals) all the time. After a period of only juice though – eggs, fish, fruit, nuts, cheese, veggies, and rice become very appealing.

The above shot is from White Sands National Monument (N.M.). It was extremely windy and the sand and the sky often blended together at the horizon.

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One thought on “Two Weeks is Too Long

  1. Only eating what you would kill with your own bare hands shouldn’t be the measure, I think, because I would never kill a cow in order to eat it because it’s a big messy job. Even a chicken (or a Turkey, see S. Palin) can be a big mess.

    A little fish (mangrove snapper) I’ve done and would do again. And lobster? Fuggetaboudit.

    So maybe a better measure of what to eat might not be conscience but science, which tells us that the system that is life on Earth owes its very existence to birth and death. (Nature even allows entire species of animals and plants to be destroyed forever and ever. Isn’t it said that more species have died off than now exist.)

    “To every thing…” as they say.

    And so killing may well be, as they say, natural. One of the jobs for all life on the planet except for us and a few select others appears to be act as a source of food for the others, either while still alive or after death. Eating meat is an efficient way of using other life to benefit yourself. Nature is brutal.

    On another level, death itself can be viewed as an essential ingredient of life. I have developed an idea that guesses that reality was created by ourselves in order to escape from an eternity of nothingness, which I guess was our natural condition. Mortality, then, became job one when creating a Reality, which in order to be made engagingly “real” should be risky and tenuous and inherently unfair and unpredictable. And certainly should have a certain end, so that we would not be stuck in the same endlessness from whence we came.

    If you could build a brand new heart from scratch as a fetus, why can’t you fix the heart you have so that it never “grows old?” The answer is that such a thing would give you immortality, which is inimical to the whole reason we’re here. (Death is certain. Eventually, if nothing else gets you, the telomeres on the ends of your DNA, which wears down a bit each time a copy is made, simply wear down to nothing so that useful instructions are eaten into and, if some other piece of DNA doesn’t pick up the slack, you malfunction.

    In the light of this thinking, eating meat is no more offensive than taking a breath, and in fact not eating meat (which is fun for those who don’t worry about the fairness of it) puts you at a disadvantage in your quest to enjoy life, which for those of us lucky enough to do such a thing seems to be the reason we’re here. (And, as a corollary, moaning about your station in life is a severe and direct insult to the less fortunate.)

    Visit the Church of Empirical Reality at Facebook for more. I’ve really just started it, so there’s not much there. And unlike some people, I just can’t go running off to see the countryside…

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