What to Keep. What to Throw. What to Give Away. What to Stow.


In less than three weeks, I’ll be living in the RV full time. Rather than try to sell all my stuff, I’m giving nearly everything away. That’s not a problem. It’s my books and photos that I’m having a hard time with.

After about five hours last night, I finally whittled down which books to keep (about 20) and which to give away (about 200). But it is the photographs that I’m having a hard time with. I have slides and prints and negatives from years and years ago that never made it to CDs. Some of them I really love. Do I take them with me? Do I dump them on my parents? Do I just toss them?

Attachment is one of those trials that all spiritual people have to face. What you hold onto is what you are. It is what keeps you Solid. Looking at those faces of past girlfriends, thinking of how I loved every one of them, I couldn’t bring myself to toss those photos away. Nor of family. Nor of friends. Nor of some of my early black & white print work.

One of the reasons I refer to this phase of my life as a Taoist Nomad and not as a Non-Dual Nomad is that Enlightened people (non-dual realized) don’t know how to have any fun. Taoism is all about balancing the beauty and joy and wonderment of Life with the realities of Life.

Screw enlightenment – I’m keeping the pictures.

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4 thoughts on “What to Keep. What to Throw. What to Give Away. What to Stow.

  1. he he he….that’s a funny one! i like it.
    thanks for the books!!! so when i search and search, and read and read…..you mean to tell me i will say screw enlightenment??? ha ha.

  2. Sometimes, Wayne, we seem to put too much emphasis on “what is” and “what is not”.
    (what is good for me and what is bad). Awareness of what is really going on around us and being able to ‘see’ as you do is very inspiring! I love your pictures! Life. Here. Now.

  3. . . I too am purging and arriving peacefully to a space of non attachment. I cannot give up my books . . . there is such eloquence to your Photography .. it is so colorfully raw with emotion! Thank you for your contribution to this world~

  4. I too was doing a cleaning a couple weeks back. Not sure what got into me and I wasn`t moving anywhere. I`m not the kind that likes to paint walls or move furniture or stuff like that. But then I felt like I have to change things around my house and throw or give away things I didn’t need. And that is exactly what I did. And was wondering now what would be that that I would keep no matter what, and the answer is that in case needed I would simply renounce it all. I might have a few moments of melancholy (well, a few more in some cases) but can`t really say I wouldnt be able to simply give them all away, be it childhood pictures, or the books I read through the years, or the gifts I received from friends and family. I would even give away my plants, of course if I`m absolute positive that they will be taken care of properly. Because I realize it`s all dust in the wind anyway. We`re nothing but dust in the wind.
    That also reminded me of smth I read many years a about a Hollywood actor who is of Buddhist creed and who lives in hotels and who says that his entire belongings can be stuffed in one suitcase, because he doesn`t want too much attachment. And i guess I can relate to that.
    It`s sad if you think about it. To leave behind things you held dear once. But we live in a dual world and as long as you going to have fun in one occasion then prepare to miss it and have a moment of melancholy when you remember it. However, I wouldn`t want it any other way. Even in a moment of sadness and remembering melancholy, if you are aware your eyes can fill up with tears.
    Not tears of sorrow though but tears of gratitude, for you been there 🙂
    Can somebody be happy for being sad? I am! Because I was there.
    Must sound confusing. But I guess whether in joyfulness or sadness, life takes us to our source and there I find fulfillment.

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