Wandering The Woods Awound Bethel, Maine.


It was cold and windy this morning (and apparently I’m a wimp) so I didn’t go kayaking. Instead I got some work done at the Mouse & Bean Internet Cafe then headed out into the woods of Bethel on my motorcycle.


Have I said how much I love riding this motorcycle? Cruising down wooded country roads on two wheels and a smile – hills, pines, mooses meeses moose, horses, deer, old barns and covered bridges. Riding along, never knowing what you will find around the next turn. Wonderful. I really feel sorry for you fools those of you who feel this is your only life and aren’t willing to live this life true to your nature.


On the bike, I really have very limited room to store stuff. So when I go out exploring, I limit myself to my camera body (Canon 1Ds), two lenses and my faithful carbon fiber tripod. On this trip, I carried my wide angle zoom lens and my telephoto zoom lens (15-30mm & 70-200mm). Work with what you got. Every thing gained requires a sacrifice. Taoism in the real world.


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2 thoughts on “Wandering The Woods Awound Bethel, Maine.

  1. When I first learned of your trek I was happy for you. Keep it up and I may wind up jealous. Awsome photos! Who’s the strange looking local that let yout take his picture?

  2. Dude I am with you. I have got to get myself an on/off road bike… It has been too long. I have been inspired… I already have the new Canon S5 IS.. now I’ll have to figure out how to use this…
    Those photos look like paintings.. amazing.

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