The Evolution of a Book

Desert Cactus

If you’re at all like me (and really, what idiot would be?), when faced with a big creative project like writing a book, the first thing you should do is just relinquish all control over the process because, quite frankly, you don’t have a clue where it is going to head…

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The Benefits of Emptiness


I received an email the other day from a woman who had commented on my “Liquid Level” article. Due to a number of things, including being a “Liquid,” she had experienced much loss…

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Is it Meaningful?

Driftwood Stump

Stop. Look around you. Look at what you’ve accomplished, at what you’ve created. Look at this moment right now and realize that everything in your life has led you here – to this moment. To right now. Your father’s life. your mother’s. Your grandparents, great grandparents, all the way back through history – back to the dawning of Time. Their actions have created this exact moment. This point in your life. If any one action, one decision, one hesitation was done different – you wouldn’t be here.

Think about it. Are you living up to this miracle?

Boondocking Outside Phoenix

RV Boondock Camp

After watching the inauguration, I packed up camp and headed out to a piece of state land that I had scoped out last week. Free camping, great Internet reception, privacy and even closer to civilization. Can’t beat that.

My New Photo Rig

Spiny Plant

I have been shooting photos for a couple decades now, and one of the things that has caused me no end of frustration, has been lugging the tripod up and down steep mountain trails. There just never seemed to be a good way to carry the damn thing (just thinking about it gets me frustrated). I’ve finally figured it out and now have a very lightweight, versatile, comfortable, simple, take-anywhere-all-purpose camera rig…

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Insight into my Abandonment Issues from a Past Life

Past Life as a Taoist Monk


Many of my past lives have revealed a pattern of abandonment—either I leave loved ones, or they leave me. Though I stress that we shouldn’t identify with our past lives—thus adding them to our ego story—we can, and should, learn from any patterns that we see repeated in multiple lives.

A Feeling of Tension

Early yesterday morning, as I lay in bed, I put the headphones on and listened to my “Past Life Recall” mp3. I had been feeling lately like there was a key… something, that I was missing and hoped that the recording could help.

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Reincarnation as the Missing Spiritual Link

A Park in Phoenix, AZ

I had posted a comment on a Near Death Experience Yahoo Forum and got what read like a bit of attitude from one of the readers, probably due to a misunderstanding of my terminology. My clarification is below the break, but the point I was trying to make was that thinking of yourself as a Soul is not a hinderance to enlightenment, but rather a very important step

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