Lake Pleasant Regional Park, North of Phoenix

Lake Pleasant, AZ

As luck would have it, I think I’ve got the best campsite in the entire park. Lucky #13 has a great view of the lake. I don’t know how the spot was open. Superstitious folks I guess.

Yesterday, after setting up camp, I rushed back into Phoenix for a Photo Expo and sold all my camera equipment (aside from my new camera and my trusty carbon-fiber tripod). My thoughts are that in a year or so, they will have a camera of the quality of my old 1Ds, but in the size – and more importantly, weight – of my new camera. I still have mental reservations but my back is thanking me already.

Holosync – Like a High Colonic for your Brain

centerpointe.jpg Prior to my enlightenment, I had been using Centerpointe’s Holosync meditation CDs for around 9 years and I can’t say enough about how powerful they are. They literally “cleanse” your brain–clearing out old assumptions, repressed memories and negative conditioning…

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Blog Changes

Sunset in AZ

I’ve made a lot of changes to the blog. Please check it out and let me know if you see or have any problems with it.

I’ve spent yesterday and most of today upgrading WordPress (the blog software) playing with plugins, changing the layout, etc. Still want to add some new tabs across the top and re-write a few of the info pages yet. I know I’m speaking Comp-nerd-ian, but you get the point.

The blog should look like the image below the break…

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NOT Moving On – Pilgrim

Cloud Covered Catalina Mountains, AZ

It rained most of yesterday, last night and this morning. Since the campsite I had picked out on the BLM land is only accessible by dirt roads, I was concerned about getting the RV stuck in mud. So I smooth-talked my way into staying here (Catalina State Park) for another week.

I’m working on giving this blog a facelift – to make it more focused, useful, search engine friendly, and possibly profitable (via ads). Hopefully you’ll see some changes in a day or two.

Moving On – Pilgrim


I’ve been here in Catalina State Park for two weeks now. That’s the longest most parks allow you to stay and fits in well with my nature. Two weeks is usually long enough for me. I checked out some BLM locations yesterday, so maybe I’ll do a little boondocking starting tomorrow.

In regards to my focus – I’ll be making a few changes here and there…

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My Focus


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been waiting for my focus to clarify. What I want, need and feel I’m supposed to be doing. I set my mental alarm clock last night for 6 am, and at 6:01 this morning, my focus became clear…

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I’ve been contemplating my “focus” over the last few days. What I should be focusing my attention on. What my message should be. What direction I want to take my work. 2008 was full of changes for me, a lot of things happened – and in a lot of different directions.

I hope to find more clarity of purpose in 2009, to open up to the stillness and allow more flow and harmony into this strange and nomadic life.