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The Loner Archetype

Lone Tree

I’ve got the Loner Archetype bad. Always have. Jung calls an archetype a “primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors.” …

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“and Life emits a Fragrance…”

The Hard and the Soft

Yesterday, Quinzelle left a comment that struck me. She often leaves comments with great quotes from great writers, yesterday’s was from Thoreau. The part that resonated with me was “and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs.”

Sometimes, rarely, you meet people who “emit a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs.” Not in their scent, but in their attitude…

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The Oregon Coastline

Oregon Coast

With the exceptions of Hawaii, Alaska, and North Dakota, I think I’ve visited every state in the US. With that, I have to say that Oregon is my favorite, with Washington a close second.

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Just a Photo III

Wild Mushrooms

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What a Lucky Man I Am

Ocean Spit

As I walk the many paths I’ve been, through forests and mountains and ocean cliffs, I often think to myself, “What a lucky man I am to have lost the fear to live.”

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Overcast Days and Photography

Fence near a Cliff

Thanks to Rene’s comment the other day, the weather has started to become overcast. I love overcast days because they were made for photography. Overcast days produce a very subdued, soft light – perfect for portraits, nature, and whatever you call my kind of shots. Contrary to popular lore, it is very hard to take a good picture on a sunny day – you’re better off just putting on some shades, hitting the beach and working on your tan.

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Tall Trees and Rugged Coastlines


I love this part of the country, the Pacific Northwest. I’m currently in Crescent City, California where they have redwoods, crystal clear rivers and craggy cliffs overlooking the ocean.

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Castle Lake

Castle Lake outside Mt. Shasta City, CA

Moving on again. Though I liked Mt. Shasta, I didn’t like the feel of Weed (where I was staying because of Internet access) which is just north of there. Nothing in particular – people were all nice – just didn’t feel right. Currently in “The Valley of the Rogue” state park in southern Oregon.

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Multiple Realities

Sky Scraper

On California’s highways, all vehicles that are towing – semis, RV’s, cars hauling boats – are limited to 55 mph as opposed to everyone else who can drive 65 to 70. This creates an interesting dynamic. It’s almost as if the two groups are existing in two different universes while sharing the same space…

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The Male Battle Dance

Two Seagulls

In my meditations, I’ve been working on seeing the the ego clearly – as the illusion that it is. I’ve been practicing so much that it is starting to affect my dreams…

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