Buddha at the San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden

I spent quite a bit of time the last few days looking deep within. Looking into my story. Finding nothing there to grasp hold of. In trying to clarify it, I’m refining my basic “levels” of spiritual development…

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Staying Awhile to Work

Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco, CA

I’ve decided to stay here for another week while I get some work done. Here is an email I sent to the CareCause customers on the latest upgrades to their websites. Sign up in the next 5 days and I’ll give you the same deal as I offered here.

Mysterious Weather

Foggy Cliffs at Muir Beach, California

Though it was sunny at my camp, it was very foggy in San Francisco. This shot, just to the north, is of the cliff area at Muir Beach. Like the “Genesis” shot, this one too has that mysterious, churning quality. Obviously something is drawing me toward the Dark Side of the Force.

The Wind Giants of the Delta

California Wind Turbines

I am camped in this little RV park, Eddo’s, out in the Delta region of California, west of San Francisco. As I followed my GPS out here, I thought that this would be a miserable little park in the middle of nowhere. Now, as I sit here, listening to the breeze through the oaks and willows, hearing the hundreds of birds chirp and twitter and the deep lowing of distance cows, I think that this is the perfect little park in the middle of nowhere.

Rolling farmland. Wide delta rivers. Giant wind turbines that make you feel like you’ve stumbled onto the set of “War of the Worlds.”



This image, which I shot in Yosemite today, reminds me of the beginning of Time. Ironically, today is my birthday AND I am working on a theory that explains the beginning of the Universe – the Big Bang – as well as Quantum Entanglement, Dark Matter, Animal Instincts, the Human Soul and pretty much everything in between – one simple, easy to demonstrate theory that explains it all. This shot might make a good book cover for it.

Source and the Man of Steel

Yosemite Valley

What I look like and who I am are two totally different people. Inside, there is almost no one left. At times I feel nothing but this radiating flowing outward (no nouns, just verbs). But what people see on the outside is almost completely different…

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Misty Yosemite and Wood Nymphs

Dogwood Flower in the Dark Forest

As I strolled through Yosemite’s “Happy Isles,” a mysteriously magical set of “islands” in the middle of a rushing river, I thought to myself, “In all my travels, this is the most beautiful place that I have ever been.”

Because of the mist and rainy drizzle, I found myself alone on the trail. As I walked among the new, lush growth of Spring, I half expected to come across an Elf or Wood Nymph who would snap me out of the trance I had fallen into – waking me from a dream.

If you’ve never been to Yosemite – go there. Be sure to take the time and explore the trails of this magical place.