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Attainable Enlightenment

Two Candles

CORAL SPRINGS, FL–I recently changed the tag line of this blog from Passionate Enlightenment to Attainable Enlightenment.

Passionate seemed too ambiguous–too vague. Does it mean sensual? Out-flowing? Active? Obsessive?

Attainable is much more direct and meaningful.

Where I differ from most spiritual teachers, and thus this blog differs, is that I believe most teachers are not focused enough on what keeps their students from waking up (the Problem) and how to help them overcome the this.

The Problem is when you think of yourself as a person. The concept of a personal self is the source of all your troubles.

The Solution is to drop the personal self, or, more accurately, to allow the personal self to fall away.

The strategy to do this is to:

Once you’ve distanced yourself enough from the personal self, it will naturally drop away.

This strategy is what I mean by Attainable.

By following the three key strategic steps above–by focusing on these–you should wake up fairly quickly.

Many seekers of inner peace are frustrated because their spiritual mentors haven’t provided enough focused guidance. Teachings are either too vague, too self-centered, or–and just as disheartening–too complex.

Neither religion, energy work, body work, nor philosophy focus on the problem of the personal self. They may talk about it, but they don’t focus on it.

Likewise, the quest for no-thoughts, breath control, presence, formlessness, and the Now, do not focus enough on the problem–the personal self.

All that is required to escape from the pain and tragedy of self-indulgence, self-obsession, and self-consciousness is to focus on these three things:

Focus on those three things and you’ll wake up.

Attainable Enlightenment.

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Your Post Enlightenment Family

Bait Shop

PALM BAY, FL–After you wake up, eventually you will have to deal with your family. Unlike modern enlightenment fairy tales which say life will be all bliss and harmony, you will have to deal with your family members who, understandably, will be trying to figure you out, understand just what the hell happened to you, and quite possibly, determine where they went wrong in your upbringing.

On the negative side, your conditioning will roar up from the netherworld and you will quickly doubt whether you’ve waken up at all. You’ll find yourself trying to explain the unexplainable. You’ll possibly face determined resistance from family members who are certain that their belief is the one and only correct belief. Your emotions will swing wildly as some primal part of you seeks to be “re-accepted” by those you love. You’ll feel frustrated, inept, and misunderstood.

On the positive side though, you will quickly realize that you are indeed still awake, that when you look for it, the personal self is nowhere to be found. You will gain comfort that your raging emotions are no more “you” than are your thoughts, just more stuff wrapped up inside your awareness and caused by your body’s primal reactions to decades of conditioning. You’ll learn, through the unfiltered feedback that only family can provide, where your explanations of the enlightened state are misunderstood or, more often, bent by the listeners spiritual beliefs and you will grow wiser as a result.

Though it will be difficult, it is necessary and, in the end, profoundly educational.

But bliss and harmony? Only if you’re an orphan.

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New Meditation: Awakening To Enlightenment

Awakening To Enlightenment

PALM BAY, FL–I don’t know why I had such a hard time getting this meditation out–either I’d screw up the sound quality or I’d over explain the instructions–but I finally got it right. This is the meditation that I used to stabilize my “enlightenment consciousness” during those precarious three weeks of my awakening. I first mentioned it the September 21st entry, Waking Yourself Up. Part IV: The Practice.

You can download the meditation here.

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New Video: The Three Enlightenments

The Three Enlightenments Video

SILVER RIVER STATE PARK, OUTSIDE OCALA, FL–I’ve made and uploaded a new video today. Shot from inside a canoe as I drifted down the Silver River outside Ocala, FL. Another example of the one-take-push-record-talk-push-stop technique complete with all the expected unexpected interruptions of real life. Sadly, I didn’t capsize or knock the camera into the water as that would have sent the video soaring up the YouTube viewer ratings. Oh well, maybe next time.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Holiday!

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The Intimacy of Oneness

Fallen Oaks

SILVER RIVER STATE PARK, OUTSIDE OCALA, FL–Before I woke up, one of the things that I thought I understood was the sense of Oneness. To the mind, when you drop all boundaries, you become one with everything. The logic goes something like this:

  • Boundaries only exist in the mind.
  • Thus all boundaries are artificial.
  • Without boundaries, everything is one.
  • Thus you are one with everything.
  • Thus you are everything.

To the students of non-dualism (buddhism, taoism, zen, yoga, et all), this makes perfect sense. There really is no table–the mind just categorizes some “awareness stuff” as “table” and some other awareness stuff as “not table.”

Oneness therefore makes perfect sense to the student and the thought of separation is considered as just an illusion.

This is all fine and dandy until the student puts his non-existent coffee cup too close to the non-existent table edge and the non-existent scalding coffee burns his non-existent groin off. And of course the searing pain he feels as he jumps up and down is all just non-existent pain too.

Once I woke up though, I started to feel what is meant by Oneness, and the feel is nothing like what they babble on and on about in the non-dual schools and forums.

After waking up, boundaries still exist–objects still have boundaries–but oddly, I seem to have lost all my boundaries. For instance, when I look at my hands, they seem to exist inside of me.

From the level of the Enlightenment of Oneness, your body seems to exist inside of you. In fact, everything feels like it exists inside you. Everything feels like it is you. And, because everything feels like it is you, it’s almost as if you don’t exist at all.

So forget thinking about what Oneness is–here’s how Oneness feels…

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The Tao of the Sea and Sand

  Emerald Waters and White Sands

HENDERSON BEACH STATE PARK, DESTIN, FL–The clouds, filling the sky, thankfully block the direct rays of sunlight–for the sand is so white that the light’s reflection would surely blind.

An emerald green sea gently rolls in, its rhythm like a beating heart that the tiny sandpipers sense as they dodge in and out–just above the gentle surf–searching for tell-tale signs of hidden crustaceans.

The sand crunches underfoot and a sudden quiver of appreciation runs up my spine as the seagulls float silently upon the air–separate, yet one with the wind.

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New Video: Dropping the Personal Self

Dropping the Personal Self

GUM SPRINGS CAMPGROUND, OUTSIDE WINNFIELD, LA–I’ve added a new video, Dropping the Personal Self, to the Videos page. It provides a technique for seeing and distancing yourself from the sucky personal self.


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Why You Suck. Part II

  Stairs in the Forest

GUM SPRINGS CAMPGROUND, OUTSIDE WINNFIELD, LA–My Why You Suck post was designed to be funny, but my following points are serious.

Separate You from your personal self. Your goal isn’t to accept your personal self, it is to separate You from your personal self. Separate You from you (capital Y from little y).

It’s not about making your personal life better. It’s not about checking items off the previous list, “Oh, that’s not my problem.” It’s about seeing how the personal self sucks–and just as importantly–how it may suck in the future. It’s not about fixing your personal self, it’s about transcending it.

Feeling, not thinking. It’s not about thinking how it sucks, but feeling how it sucks. The more you feel it emotionally, the more easily you can identify it, separate from it, and drop it.

Seeing it and touching it. Most importantly, it is about touching the personal self. Touch it, pull away, touch it, pull away. Like touching the table, pulling away, touching the table, pulling away. The more often you consciously touch it (by seeing it and feeling it) the easier it will be to realize that you are not it.

Once you distance yourself from the personal self, once you separate from it, once you see it for what it is–a thought gone awry– then you’ll drop through the Hourglass of Enlightenment and never suffer from the pain of the personal self again.

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Why You Suck. Part I

Lone Reed on a Misty Lake

GUM SPRINGS CAMPGROUND, OUTSIDE WINNFIELD, LA–My belief is that the easiest way to wake up is to:

  1. See and experience how wonderful enlightenment feels.
  2. See how the illusion of a Personal Self sucks (see below).
  3. Naturally drop the sucky Personal Self because you’re sick of it.

See below for why you suck…

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New Video: The Hourglass of Enlightenment

The Hourglass of Enlightenment

GUM SPRINGS CAMPGROUND, OUTSIDE WINNFIELD, LA–I’ve uploaded a new video: The Hourglass of Enlightenment. This is the second (of three total) where I have been interrupted by the vocals of some animal. The first, in What is (and isn’t) Enlightenment, I thought I heard a kitten meowing out in the woods. In this one, I don’t know what it was: a huge frog, a loud duck, Big Foot? I dunno.

Anyway, enjoy.

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