A Bridge to Better Health

Desert Bridge

This month’s new habit: Exercise…

I’m really pleased with how easy it is to make new habits. I look forward to my daily big salad and my other new habits have become quite unconscious (effortless to follow).

This month, I’m adding a very simple, easy to keep, exercise habit:

  • One yoga Sun Salutation (done slowly, takes about 3 minutes)
  • Pushups until failure
  • Walk

I do the Walk like this:

  • Put on headphones for music (iPhone)
  • Set iPhone timer to 15 minutes
  • Walk in THAT direction until timer goes off
  • Walk back.

I usually walk THAT way at a pretty good clip. Coming back I can take my time and even take notes on my iPhone when I get ideas. The plan is to increase the walk time by 5 minutes a week until I hit 30 minutes in THAT direction (total walk will be about an hour total).

An important point with creating new habits: Do them every day for one month. After that month, your body should be “programmed” to do that habit on its own. If you miss a day here or there (after the initial month), no biggie, you will actually feel the desire to get back to the habit.

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2 thoughts on “A Bridge to Better Health

  1. Hi Wayne!

    I am going to take your idea about walking under consideration. That is, when I can make it further than the bathroom. Which takes about 10 minutes. There. Back is longer. Don’t know why, exactly.
    And, seriously, I wouldn’t go THAT way: I would go THIS way. THAT way is a hill. THIS way is better. (I live on the ocean: trust me.)
    In case you haven’t guessed, I made it through my operation in (relatively) one piece. Although a few pieces are now AWOL. Nothing I will really miss.
    I wanted to say thanks to you and to Deb for your well wishes to me…now I must go tackle the hike to the bathroom.

  2. Hey Wayne,

    Hmmm I’ve heard that about a habit and the month plan.

    I like your wording…. ‘exercise habit’. 🙂

    @ Heather… Good to hear you are on the mend. Post OP healing is usually
    no fun. I can say that with some authority. 3 children, and several surgeries.
    One thing about the healing, it helps you take NOTHING for granted.

    XO XO

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