A Dream of a Mask

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Last night I had a powerful dream:

I walked into a wind surfing store and said, “I want to wind surf.”

The salesman pointed to a wall display and said, “You’ll need a mask first.” The “masks” that he pointed to, were some sort of safety helmets. The helmets were hinged at the top, with a solid colored back and a clear, plastic front. The front plastic, though, was shaped into a mask, a different “face” on each one.

It was obvious that you put the hinged part at the top of your head and clipped the front and back together so your head was completely enclosed.

The salesman handed me one which had a clear, see-through image on the front which he told me was the son of Medusa. “I think this one will fit you nicely,” he said.

I looked at the disgusting face and told him I don’t want a mask.

Then the salesman said, “You won’t survive without a mask.”

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9 thoughts on “A Dream of a Mask

  1. @Jeff: You’ve always been the “nice guy” that others can’t help kicking.

    @All: Andrea of “Horizons Magazine” – http://www.horizonsmagazine.com/ – wanted a follow up to this post for an article. Here’s my interpretation of the dream (and my reply to her):

    At the time of this dream, I had been going through a spiritual transition–a period of “waking up” to the true nature of my reality ( http://waynewirs.com/category/transition/ ). “Enlightenment” seems too fanciful a word, but there it is. In seeing through the falseness of my ego–the individual self–I have been surprised at how stubborn personas are: the way we act around others, at work, with family, etc.. It has become obvious that personas are much more the result of lifelong conditioning rather than conscious and controlled acting. Being unconscious, they are much more “persistent” in our psychological makeup.

    The masks in my dream seem to reflect these two, closely-linked (the hinge at the top of the mask), issues. My ego/self now being “transparent” (the clear plastic front) yet my personas being “hard” (the hard plastic itself).

    As to the salesman’s comment, “You won’t survive without a mask,” either the salesman is Jung’s Trickster (the ego afraid of dying) or I’ve still got a lot of meditating to do.

  2. I think someone/thing is telling you to be careful. The mask/helmet clearly is a safety device. The head of Medusa “implies the protection of the goddess Athena” according to Wikipedia. The windsurfing may equate to meditating. Take the mask/helmet and wear it. There ARE evil beings out there floating on the wind.

  3. I agree with Mom –because anything that gets you into the dream state/Dreamtime/Astral (those are the Names of the place I’m familiar with) can be dangerous. I bet that was someone else – someone who guards portals to the Astral/Dreamtime, and he was just trying to warn you. It’s up to you if you take the warning for what it is, and like it or not, wear the mask.

    I get there during my sleep time, but you won’t recognize me by my Mask out there. 😉 You’ll recognize me by the Soul under the mask. My problem with being out there is that I don’t remember what happened….
    unless it was Important, like a Lesson to be learned or a warning given to me by the Powers That Be.

    But that’s just me. Your experience may be different…. but yes, it’s dangerous Out There. Remember what the Native Americans said about one’s Eyes?

  4. PS:

    “The English word ‘personality’ comes from two Latin words, per and sona, “through sound.” The Romans knew that the personality comes through in the tone of voice and other vocal aspects.

    Well, that sounds good and all, but the word actually comes from one Latin word—persona—meaning, yes, “mask.” Think Dramatis Personae—the theatrical cast of characters. And, no, persona likely didn’t itself result from a “sounds-like” origin, as it probably came from Etruscan (gasp!)—the word phersu, also meaning “mask.”

    Originally I think it comes from the Greek actors wearing masks, so that they could only identify and recognize each other for who they really were through the air manifesting through them, which connected them and was what gave them life, breathing it in first, as a symbol for the spirit we all share.

    It’s a memory of what is really occurring now -whether we are aware of it or not- placed as something in the past. That is part of the masking of the truth: perceiving the Cause -our true Identity- as a thing of the past, as if Cause and Effect -the Ocean of Light and Its Individuations as Drops- were separate… : D

  5. PPS:
    By “the air manifesting through them” I mean the sounding of their voices of course.

    But all this talk is not something to linger on. The soul has received it, and will benefit from it anyway if it is true. Good enough.

  6. Hello 🙂 I`ve read about your dream and your story concerning the frog. Once I also had a powerful dream:

    I was in Ukraine with my bike, traveling through an unknown, thick forest. When the night fell, I got off the bike and walked carefully. I met no one there, and I heard nothing. At some point I lost my vehicle, and all the luggage attached to it: documents, money, clothes etc. I didn’t have literally anything. Moreover, I couldn’t even see my body in the dark. I got scared by that, but then I realized:

    “I don’t know if I’m actually dreaming or not, but itis not important, for all changing worlds are only dreams of some kind. Even in this situation, when I have nothing to lose anymore, I’m safe, because I`m in the presence of the Absolute, so no one is able to really hurt me here”.

    I felt I was fully encompassed by that peaceful darkness. That was very powerful experience of absolute stillness.

    Surprisingly, I found a way out of the forest, reached a small, scarcely illuminated town, and came across an old man in one of the randomly chosen apartments. He was astonished and embarassed at first, but finally agreed to help me.

    Then I woke up.

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