A Small Gathering

Nomad Randy

One of the reasons I returned to this area was to check out the rig of one of the people who inspired me to become a nomad. Nearly two years ago I came across Randy’s website. What caught my attention was that he had converted a cargo trailer into a stealthy RV trailer. Since he was in the northwest and I’ve been considering “downgrading” to a more stealthy vehicle, I invited myself over to check out his rig – to which he readily agreed, even though he knew nothing of me…

With a copy of Fading Toward Enlightenment in hand (and a six-pack of beer), I met up with Randy and his friend, Paul in an empty corporate park. Paul is an ex-lawyer and fellow ex-South Floridian who, in his travels (he has a fifth-wheel) has crossed paths with Randy on a number of occasions. Randy used to travel with his longtime girlfriend, Diana, who has her own trailer rig. This is often the way of modern-day nomads, hanging together for awhile, then drifting off on their separate ways only to run into each other again and again in their ongoing travels.

Randy showed me all the cool gadgets and innovations he had designed for his rig. I was surprised at how much more room he had inside the trailer – much more than I had expected. It turned out to be quite comfortable. After the “tour,” we drank beers and talked shop for a couple hours – the nomad life, philosophy, spirituality, and personal growth – though I must admit, and this is unusual for me, I did most of the talking since Randy is a bit of a “human interest” journalist.

The evening ended with each of us feeling as if we’d received an unexpected gift. For myself, Paul – in recalling a holotropic breathwork session – reminded me of my own personal experiences in digging out and revealing the “spirit within” from the unconscious – a subtle “hint from above” for me to do more of this work. Randy introduced me to some of the spiritual beauty of Walt Whitman and of course revealed the inner workings of his rig. From the remarks of both of these men, they seemed to have gotten something out of my visit also.

I jumped into my jeep, shook their hands and headed back up to my mountain hermitage, feeling broader, a little more expanded, and that all was right in my world.

PS: Randy, in the photo above, looks a little bit toasted, but this wasn’t the case. At the moment I shot this photo, he was in the midst of reciting Whitman (by heart – which was quite impressive), and, as any artist will tell you, when we fall under the beguiles of our Muse, well, we can’t help but feel in love – and that feeling is reflected in his face.

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5 thoughts on “A Small Gathering

  1. Looks like a remarkable man checked out his site. Indeed when we start to live from the inside out we do look through the looking-glass – we feel instead of see the world and those around us on a different level..

    We perceive through the eyes of the heart. Looks like a blissful time you shared!

  2. I have read some of Randy’s web site and decided I like him. While reading around his site I came across a quote that has caused me to lean toward returning to the nomad life more than any of your arguments/suggestions.

    “I left Walden Pond for as good a reason as I came—because I have many more lives to lead and could not spare any more time for this one.” – Thoreau

    For the last 16 yeas I have been holding to Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” on weekends. This calms the “wonder lust” but does not satisfy it. A while back when I was working security at the Tiki Bar in the Keys I saw a former HS teacher and he asked me if this is what the story of my life has become. “No”, I answered, “just a chapter”. Unfortunately, some chapters become long and monotonous but you have to make it through them to understand the story.

    To add to my story about a week ago while walking my dog I was bitten by a tick that should have been hundreds of miles away (Gulf Coast Tick) and contracted spotted fever. One of those situations where I’m not sure which is worse the disease or the cure. Either way I am very emotional lately. Perhaps it’s a good time to start my biography. The hardest part of the book writing for me is opening the gate of my emotional wall but that’s being accomplished by the illness or the meds.

  3. @Q: Yup, he’s a pretty cool guy. He doesn’t listen to society saying, “No! You can’t do that.” He just figures out how to do it.

    @Doug: Just like Life, writing from the heart rather than the head makes for powerful stuff. Most of us (guys) have a tough time opening up. Hope you get a chapter or two done before your prescription runs out!

  4. hey wayne,
    sounds like a expanding visit. I miss our random hallway run ins.

    i’m watching Cry of the Snow Lion….so i thought of you! looked for you on facebook? not ready to stay to connected to society? lol

    guess what? i just did a 10 day Vipassana silent retreat! i feel so much stillness & i just started a book you gave me:
    Perfect, Brillant, Stillness by david Carse

    thank you for all your inspiration, sharing, & friendship!

    LOVE YA!

  5. It’s wonderful to read about your connection with each other. I have never met Randy, but a friend of mine has been part of the recent caravan and she has told me wonderful things about him. I enjoy reading his blog. I just wanted to say that your photo of Randy seems to capture his spirit best of any I have seen. Just lovely!
    Enjoy your journey…
    Elena from California

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