Desert Thorns  

Appreciation. By far the most common experience that I feel.

Sometimes my eyes fill with tears just looking at the discarded. How is it that we miss the beauty…?
In the harsh desert, water is scarce. Years of conserving water and nutrients went into growing and nourishing this sliver of thorny brush, and yet, when the plant could no longer support it, the thorns and twigs were discarded. Years lost. Life lived, lost and returned to the Ground.

No one to notice it. No one to care. Just a collection of thorns destined for dust.

Can you see the beauty in it? Can you feel the passion of Life overlooked?

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2 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. It may be beautiful, but even the discarded has a place in the cycle of Life. That piece will break down and become fertilizer, to nourish the plant again…. and another set of thorns.

    This is why I’m trying to reduce my “carbon footprint” by driving a SUV from a very *environmentally-minded* company. I wasn’t sure I’d feel good driving it –until I saw how the emissions rating even went below California’s standards. I’m hoping that everyone else is doing what they can to do the same…..

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