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As I went about my day, I took the advice of a practice from Ask and It Is Given and spent much of my time appreciating my surroundings – no matter where I was. I immediately fell into “the zone” – something I often experience while shooting photos or feeling spiritually one. Though I had not realized this before, during those times I am always in this mode of appreciation, but feeling it was more of a gift than anything I could consciously perform. Today I learned you can put yourself into “the zone” simply by taking your time and seeing the beauty and wonder of anything in your vicinity.

Try it. Let me know your experiences.

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3 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. Appreciation, gratitude what an exhilarating yet grounding e-motion! How it truly unlocks the fullness of life. Grateful for a day of splendid Kundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha- Yoga combined with green foods. Sangat with a group of 28 like-minded souls. Gratitude also the tide rolling onto the shore of humanity today.. In the beautiful words of Mirabai Ceiba -Ocean … harmony with cello, harp and bansuri flute..

    ………………… Look as they rise, rise over the line where the sky meets
    the earth, Pleiades! Lo! They, ascending, come to guide us.
    Leading us safely, keeping us one,
    Pleiades, Teach us to be like you, united..
    Song to the Pleiades (Aap Sahaee Hoa)…….

  2. Yes, Wayne, I know this to be true. Consciousness seems transformed when I focus on appreciation…and the deeper I let myself experience beauty and gratitude, the more I find to be significant about (in your words) “being in the zone”. Then, the paradox…if I THINK about it (i.e. go mental rather than staying in the experience of the beauty or the gratitude), then, right away, I’m out of “the zone”!
    I believe the quality of these experiences are calling/inviting us to a different way of experiencing life itself…

  3. Thanks Quinzelle & Paula. Both of you mentioned “gratitude” which I’ve often heard combined with “appreciation.” For me though, and it must have something to do with being a “visual artist,” I get into the “zone” by seeing. I have to stop, relax and look. Soon I see beauty everywhere and if I have a camera, I take a picture of it.

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