Clarity from the Stillness

Bird On A Branch In A Lake

In my last post, I mentioned how “quiet” motivation now is. Yesterday, while sitting in Stillness, a direction–my next steps–became clear.

The desire to “make things happen” rarely appears anymore and, when it does, I feel clunky and disingenuous. Sometimes though, as I rest in Stillness, Life will softly whisper–like a lover murmuring a sweet secret–and my path will become crystal clear.

This whisper–this revelation–stimulates the Passion. A powerful welling of energy rises in my chest and I feel excited and alert and in harmony with my surroundings as Life starts to awaken and stir and live through me.

Wayne Wirs would have tried to control and bend and manipulate this power (as have countless spiritual seekers before him). But to control it is to kill it, for Life cannot flow through an ego.

If you want Life to live through you, you must surrender to it. You must stop swimming, stop struggling, stop trying. You must give up and allow yourself to drown in it. Give up and give in. It is by surrendering, by complete supplication to Life, that you will find joy, and bliss, and harmony as Life lives as Life was meant to live… unhindered.

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One thought on “Clarity from the Stillness

  1. My brimming heart
    held whole in full embrace,
    flotsam upon the tides of breath,
    washed in taste, splashed by spume of light,
    tossed by Tao’s undulant pulse,
    born on swells of simple love,
    falling into waiting arms,
    surging up from depths of bliss.

    Eroded by the turmoil of your ocean presence,
    waves of ringing break on rough rocks,
    sucking back smooth pebbles,
    grinding grit to soft sand,
    dissolving my grateful heart in your bounty.

    ~Issa Das

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