Confidence & Spiritual Growth

Three Open Windows

Confidence. It’s not something most would consider important in spiritual growth–but I’ve found it can have a profound effect on clearing your mind. At the Adyashanti satsang last week, I talked to a few different people about just this subject…

  • One woman had felt overwhelming terror most of her life, and yet she still found the courage to stand in front of a 300 person audience and talk about it. Later, I pointed out to her that, just as her fears eased once she started speaking into the microphone, so too would her terrors ease the more she proactively faced them–not waiting for her fears to “attack” her. Her confidence that she could handle the “terrors” would grow and eventually alleviate her fears.
  • Another woman told me how frustrated she felt with “society” for judging her as being different. She feels the need to express her “spiritual nature” freely, but hates the way people look at her when she does so. I told her about how I used to meditate on the beach down in Florida. At first I was very self-conscious as people would walk by, but soon, I didn’t even think about it. This gradual self-confidence allowed me to redirect all the “worrying what people thought” energy directly into my practice.
  • When I was going through the transition from ego to enlightenment, I was very concerned when I would get “caught up in” my thoughts. I was worried that when a thought would “let me go,” that I would find myself stuck back in the ego, After about a week though, I had grown confident that whenever I came back out of a thought, I’d return to the enlightened state. This freed up a tremendous amount of mental/spiritual energy.
  • Similarly, when Adyashanti confirmed my experiences as “normal” for the enlightened state, that immediately freed up all that “what’s going on?” energy. It gave me confidence that all was well and good and my mind stopped focusing on it.

The Lesson

When you face your fears (emotional confidence) or find the answers to your nagging questions (mental confidence), your mind will naturally calm and clear. Once that happens, all the freed energy will feed and nurture your growth and creativity.

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6 thoughts on “Confidence & Spiritual Growth

  1. There’s a bit of help out on the Web about this: Stephen Halpern has made an album that helps with one’s self-confidence. You can find it either on his website ( ), or on Emusic (which is where I found it.) The self-help is subliminal, but it’s always positive….

    What I’m going to do is make a 70-minute CD that will have the album plus soothing sounds to fall asleep to. I feel that this way, I can gain my own self-confidence as I face a change that’s coming in my Life…. and *yours*. 😉

  2. I’m fascinated by your photo of open windows. Previous photos of windows (and doors) were always closed.
    Now your windows, symbolizing your portals to enlightenment, are open. Was that done on purpose?

  3. If the people in the buildings are like me they shut their windows and turn on the AC in the Summer and Turn off the AC and open their windows in the Fall – thus more open windows in the fall. (Just the thoughts of a logical un-enlightened mind)

  4. On the other hand – the angle and open windows makes the subject seem somewhat chaotic and unorganized which is how you describe your inner feelings. (Just the thoughts from the other side of my brain)

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