Dried Desert Bush

I’ve made my decision on a project to work on. I’ll wait until it’s farther along before talking about it, but I’m excited. Feels good.

I’m really enjoying this boondocking thing. About the only negative is when you go into town and wonder that when you get back if any of your stuff will still be there, but that’s a lesson in itself.

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One thought on “Decision

  1. For yoga class we focussed last night on heart postures all asanas that expand the chest and create space in the Anahata chakra (centre of the chest). All feeling reside in this space, this scene connects with that space. The sun radiates love, compassion, acceptance and trust. It relates to our most deepest heart chambers opening to a higher frequency.

    In every moment we have a choice. Whatever we choose, we are opening ourselves to transformation and the abundace of possibilities it offers..

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