First Draft Done

Stairs in the Woods

I’ve finished the first draft of the book I mentioned a bit back. Need to expand on some topics, create some illustrations and maybe a video or two. Haven’t decided on a title yet, “HDI Theory: A simple explanation for everything from the Big Bang to the Human Soul” – something like that.

Probably moving on to Portland tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “First Draft Done

  1. Beautiful! A stairway to a higher level of consciousness or maybe a hidden level (you can’t see the top). Mysterious, but makes you want to go there!

  2. Dear Wayne,

    I love staircases, especially the ones that you photograph, it does make you want to go there and reflect or meditate. And your book sounds like quite the book.

    And I also have a question: why since I wrote you the first time, my name stayed on at the bottom of the comments all the time, (I mean on my computer, of course). Is it something that I can correct in some way and I don’t know how maybe? Would you know? Really, I don’t want to keep it there. Thanks for your help.

  3. Hi Daisy – Your name is on there because of a cookie which is designed to make it easy to leave comments now or in the future. If it’s like mine, just click the “LOG OUT” link next to your name and it will erase the cookie. You may also need to clear your browser’s cookies (somewhere in your browser menu).

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