Five AM

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

During creative periods of my life, whether working on an interesting project or – as I am currently doing – writing a book, I often wake up around 5 am with a powerful insight, new idea, or an answer to a problem that has troubled me. I wish I could take credit for these thoughts, but they seem to come out of nowhere – gifts from the Ethereal…

I keep my iPhone next to my bed and jot down the thoughts before I lose them, then lay back, watch the busy, buzzing mental chatter of my mind for awhile, start to fade back to sleep and then almost instantly have another powerful insight. This cycle repeats a few times and then fades.

I am always grateful for these thoughts, and they strengthen my faith that I am on the right track with the Soul and Spirit, for these insights are way too elegant and wise to have ever come from my pitiful little mind.

As I’ve often said, the less there is of Me, the more there is of Her.

It's Time To Wake Up

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4 thoughts on “Five AM

  1. I’ve been experiencing similar happenings since practicing theta brainwave meditation…and am feeling that I aint seen nuthin’ yet b-b-b-baby.- ASNY by BTO

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