From the Desert to the Lake

Dock on Lake Tahoe

Thinking positively, “Won’t it be nice if I make it safely down the hill?”, I made it safely down the hill without blowing a tire or tearing out my holding tanks. I ended up at Lake Tahoe with a ton of email, new tasks and no hookups.

It’s very serene here.

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2 thoughts on “From the Desert to the Lake

  1. Nice pic and yes very serene. A few winters ago I spent a weekend hiking/photography near Tahoe/Incline Village then up on the Rim Trail near Mt. Rose. Beautiful views of the lake. I got slightly lost and got back after midnight hiking on ice/snow near the top. I was out about 20 hours. Somewhat in “survival mode” very tired and your senses get keen, your mind clears and I surrendered to the experience (being lost). Nature is the great equalizer. Hiking for so long became somewhat, well out-of-body to tell you the truth. Like I would get running long distances years ago. I was lucky to have a full moon and felt blessed to have the opportunity to experience such a place at night. I only fell a few times 🙂 Camera on tripod, spun my body around to hit the ground with the ballhead/camera nicely tucked into my chest (Nikon builds tough cameras too!). Was it was worth every bruise and ache I had that night? Positively.

  2. Tom: Ah what we photographers go through for a shot, huh? I had a similar experience down in AZ, though I didn’t mention it. The trail was a lot longer than I thought and I had headed up pretty late and was only wearing shorts and they expected it to get down into the 30’s and … Long story short, I got some great shots, got back to camp before it got too cold, but while I was out there, I was looking for a place to shelter if it got too bad.

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