I Love The Nomad Life

Trees at Sunrise

I love this lifestyle. I’ve been up here on this hill outside the Olympic National Forest for about a week now, finishing up the book. Tomorrow, probably, I’ll move into a campground for a couple days to recharge the batteries, empty and fill the tanks, upload some big files to the ‘net and move on.

It’s so great to just up and go when you feel like it. The freedom. I’ve been on the road a year now, and I am so glad I made this decision.

I have absolutely no regrets. I hope each of you finds your bliss, your passion, and – when those natural “what if” fears arise – well, I hope you’re wise enough to ignore them.

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7 thoughts on “I Love The Nomad Life

  1. I would love to know how you got started with your nomad lifestyle…I dont want to wait until Im 62 to really start enjoying freedom!! What’s the secret? Tips? My email is on this comment.

  2. I’m not ready to “sell the farm” as you said…I am however ready to get out of SC for the summer, its just too HOT! MY problem is not letting go of material objects, I even think I could convince my 85 yr old mom to come along….its MONEY! I hate money, I hate this money driven mud pie we are all in, and I want to break free–BUT so there in lies the problem–the big but!

    • @Dixxe: Yup, money is why most people wait until they are too old to really enjoy living like this: when they start getting their social security and retirement income. But it doesn’t take that much to live like this, and if you want to work on the road, there are plenty of work-for-a-free-campsite jobs out there (and which often pay a small salary). See http://www.workamper.com/ which advertises at least one new job a day and usually about five a day.
      Plus, Dixxe, as a fellow artist, you could always do the Art Show circuit and sell your work at those – that’s what I should be doing if I wasn’t such a lazy bastard. 🙂

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