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OUTSIDE AMARILLO, TX – As I mentioned previously, making decisions has been quite disconcerting since waking up. My values are all out-of-whack from when they were based on an ego. Without an ego, what do you base your decisions on? It’s starting to get easier though. Now it is almost as if, when faced with a decision, the options have a sense of “lightness” to them (or lack thereof).

Options feel “dark” or “light” or various shades in between. Not dark as in evil, but dark as in an unlit road in the night. Even though the mind may say one thing, if it feels “dark,” then that option isn’t a path I should take.

This takes a lot of faith–faith in the wisdom whispered from the Oneness. The mind will often argue up and down to turn left–when the path on the right, though uncertain, is brightly lit and beckoning.

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4 thoughts on “Making Decisions

  1. Beautiful, Wayne! Yep … this is how it goes, for sure. Limited mind still tries to assert itself … like any reaction (I’m sure you remember the “feel” … for instance, a primal adrenaline-rush reaction in a business meeting … not to be acted upon …. socially and rationally not pertinent … but that doesn’t stop them or slow them down). The same is true with decision-making, in enlightenment … the conditioned reactions of “need to decide” and related discomfort are is still arise …. but it’s (soon enough/increasingly) seen that (just as the adrenaline-rush in the business meeting) the reaction is best ignored. It’s just part of the “five to fifteen years for the mind to settle down” that Adyashanti mentioned to you. The way I’ve found to be with it all it simplicity itself: Flow (“Life knows what it’s doing”, as Adya says). All that’s needed to enjoy the peace of the true nature we’ve realized is: just let go. Like waves in the ocean, we may appear to be “deciding” … but we’re actually being decided … might as well let go and enjoy the ride. And thanks for your blog; I’m really enjoying it, and have learned some helpful things.

  2. Looks like life is flowing in wonderful new directions for you Wayne love the idea of you hosting spiritual talks you truely are an amazingly gifted being and spreading your love, encouragement and wisdom with those around you are indeed a blessing. Agreed Kirtanman~ Life is flowing moment to moment so we flow with it and are sheltered from the hassles of time and space. Life is full of power, live it, from breath to breath. (and with the fisheagle’s beautiful song in my ears as i am typing these words reminding me of the effortless effort in which all manner of things are held…

    We are bountiful, blissful and beautiful we all just are ..

  3. If one were to consider the path of enlightenment as circular and of a scope large enough to be indecipherable, would it be possible to make right or left turns, or would one merely “move” forward or backward ?

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