Moving On – Pilgrim


I’ve been here in Catalina State Park for two weeks now. That’s the longest most parks allow you to stay and fits in well with my nature. Two weeks is usually long enough for me. I checked out some BLM locations yesterday, so maybe I’ll do a little boondocking starting tomorrow.

In regards to my focus – I’ll be making a few changes here and there…

I’ve been reading “31 Days to a Better Blog” (thanks Andrea) and getting some ideas from there. My primary change will be to write more posts on tips, techniques and benefits of identifying with the Soul. I’ll be making some layout changes to the blog also.

In addition, I’m working on some lectures, videos and powerpoint presentations to help get my message across. I’ll post them here as appropriate.

On a personal front, I haven’t been doing any consulting work with my main client for the last month or so. He wanted to take the holidays off (what I thought was just Thanksgiving extended through Christmas and New Years). Haven’t heard from him for a couple weeks and haven’t been paid my last invoice, so I may be more motivated to bust butt on some paying lectures than I had originally intended. Not a bad thing. 🙂 (Follow up: Ironically, a few hours after I posted this entry, the client’s payment showed up in my account…synchronicity).

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