Multiple Realities

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On California’s highways, all vehicles that are towing – semis, RV’s, cars hauling boats – are limited to 55 mph as opposed to everyone else who can drive 65 to 70. This creates an interesting dynamic. It’s almost as if the two groups are existing in two different universes while sharing the same space…

What ends up happening is the semis and the RVs all end up in the right-hand lane, tooling along, matching their speeds and following one another. There is very little passing or jogging for position since you are so limited speed-wise. Because they are going slower than the rest of the traffic, the cars don’t jump in and out between the rigs. They just zip on by. I find this to be a very relaxing way to drive considering the amount of traffic on California’s freeways.

For the cars, on the other hand, they still get bunched up, accelerate, brake and cut each other off.

Two groups of vehicles. Both occupying the same road at the same time. Two very different experiences because of the one simple law.

Nothing says a driver in a car has to go the speed limit. They can go 55 too.

Funny thing is – they don’t.

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3 thoughts on “Multiple Realities

  1. I noticed that in GA as well, only they word it that no semis are to be in the *left* lane (or lanes; some places have 2). This is true especially in Atlanta, as our cousins there will tell you.

    I blame it on this society: people want things fast, and they want them *now*. So every interstate tends to look like a NASCAR racetrack –until someone crashes. (Sorry; there was a fatal crash in Orlando today that had one road tied up for hours while the authorities went over the site.) Hardly anyone slows down anymore; I’ve had to speed myself just to keep up with the flow of traffic on I-95. : /

  2. If you do drive at 55, even though others are zooming by you, it is much more relaxing! It is like two different realities- good way to put it!

    Jaimie Hall Bruzenak
    author of Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider’s Guide to Working on the Road

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