My Bet on the next Antichrist

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Don’t you love the way my photos never – well almost never – have anything to do with my posts? Anyway, I was watching President Obama’s speech last night and it got me thinking about Nostradamus…

Disclaimer: Do not take this post seriously. I LOVE Obama…

When I was a kid, I was into Nostradamus, Revelations, and all those end-of-the-world predictions. I normally could care less about all that gloom and doom anymore, but the speech last night and a book I’m reading got me thinking.

I’m reading Wired for War, a very interesting book on the future of robotics in our lives and particularly in warfare. One of the military guys said something like, “It’s my mission to be able to kill anyone on the planet given 20 minutes notice.” Scary.

Then I thought, could they do that? If suddenly this guy got a call, “I need you to off Wayne Wirs ASAP,” would he be able to do that in twenty minutes? I mean, if I didn’t post where I was all the time on this blog, wouldn’t I be pretty hard to find?

That’s when I realized they could get me. My GPS cell phone, a Predator drone and “Poof!” – Mission accomplished.

Now what does that have to do with the next Antichrist? One of the key signs in Revelation is that each of the big A’s followers has got to take his sign in either their hand or their forehead. If I was writing this from the year 0 or so, what would a cell phone look like to me? People have them in their hands or up next to their heads all the time: GPS phone + Predator = Poof!

Then I”m watching President Obama on the television and I’m thinking, “I LOVE this guy!” He’s so charismatic. He’s so cool. He’s like Steve McQueen he’s so cool. I’m not even listening to HOW he’s going to fix everything, I just love what he’s saying and how he’s saying it. He’s great! I’m thinking I’m proud to be an American again.

Then I thought about all this robotic technology, how it’s evolving faster than we know how to control it (GPS phone + Predator = Poof!) and I’m thinking about Mr. Obama, how he’s so cool and so charismatic and I realized that he’s got to be the Devil. So there’s my bet on Nostradamus’s MABUS (Antichrist).

What? You thought the Antichrist was going to show up wearing horns and a cape? Silly rabbit.

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5 thoughts on “My Bet on the next Antichrist

  1. Hate to tell ya this Wayne, but the battery actually has to be removed…big brother can activate the microphone in your cell also unless you remove the battery….ya I know, that’s from a movie! lol…..isn’t it?
    Here’s the actual newscast from a couple years ago(Fox News):
    ….by the way I’m just having fun with this also…”I choose love over fear”
    Ps: Love your book, love your blog and love the inspiration you share…
    You are a wonderful soul!
    Namaste, Wayne B

  2. Interesting timing – I just watched the 1st season of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” over the last 2 days. Scary may be somewhat of an understatement!

  3. You have a wonderful sense of humour:) had a good laugh, organized religion is like organized politics to me- not free and spacious enough to allow one’s own opinion and experience to unfold… i like to see listen and observe and allow for whatever resonates with me. Christ in my opinion was enlightened so was the Buddha and Krishna and so enlightenment is within reach of all beings, irrespective of religious dogma. Feel that they all wanted us to know that God is within not without. My mom always use to say to me “Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark..

    So if they get a cell phone + my Buddhacello = beam me up Scotty.. thats done on the A string! 😉

  4. Wayne B: “Love over Fear.” I agree with you 100%. Living in fear isn’t living at all.

    Doug: Silly Rabbi.

    Jeff: Frak’n (Battlestar Gallactica) robots ARE scary! The war’s driving their evolution a lot faster than we’re ready for. Billions being spent on them and you’d hardly know about it from the media.

    Quinzella: “Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” – Great quote. Powerful.

    Wayne W: Figure out how to reply to individual comments already!

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