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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been waiting for my focus to clarify. What I want, need and feel I’m supposed to be doing. I set my mental alarm clock last night for 6 am, and at 6:01 this morning, my focus became clear…


My focus is to help people identify with the soul.

In other words, to show them how to start thinking of themselves as a soul and not as a human being.

I have been living this way for about two years now – in what Ken Wilber calls the Subtle Level (or Soul Consciousness). Interestingly enough, the description at the top of that page is very similar to my God Well experience.

But not until my unexpected past life memory did I realize that: 1) reincarnation is real and 2) that identifying with the soul is the missing link for most enlightenment seekers as well as almost all serious spiritual seekers.

My focus is to try to correct #2 above.


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