My Three Trials (so far)

Three Hay Rolls

LAKE CATHERINE STATE PARK, AR–I wonder if everyone who wakes up to their enlightenment has to tangle with trials in the form of temptations? Buddha had the temptations of Mara, Christ had to deal with offers from the Devil, and it seems that, in literature, every hero’s journey is fraught with trials on the return home.

Over the last few weeks I have had to deal with the lure of sex on the West Coast, the promise of wealth and stability while camped in the desert and, in the last few days, the call of freedom while here in the forests of Arkansas.

Each temptation has pulled at my mind and emotions, drawing me away. Tempting me away from what some deeper wisdom seems to know is my purpose: To share what I know of enlightenment.

Each temptation came from a friend. Each friend wanted something of me, and in each instance, I was tempted–and I wavered. Ultimately though, I turned away from the temptation, explained my reasons in detailed honesty, and continued on.

In each case my mind said, “What they offer is a great idea,” whether it was no-stings-attached sex, financial stability, or the sale of my RV (to purchase a smaller, go-anywhere rig). Each time a part of me yelled, “Do it!” But each temptation felt dark. My friends, the people offering these deals, didn’t feel dark, but what they offered did. Each offer, if accepted, would pull me away from what I was “meant” to do. Each offer would have “led me astray” by adding more complications, more work, and more energy diverted.

So in each situation, I had to close a door on a friend. Not on my friendship with them, just on their offer.

But here’s the wonderful thing about closing doors: When faced with a closed door, as you turn around, you’ll find that the entire world stands before you with open arms, beckoning.

I know in the first two cases, one friend turned that re-directed energy into finishing the writing of her stalled books. Another re-directed his energy into learning to code and maintain the software we had worked on. Everyone lost, but everyone gained. Such is the nature of Life–no matter how difficult it at first seems, Life always has a way of finding its balance.

With my third friend, it is too early to tell, but hopefully she will turn and find that the entire world awaits her also.

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2 thoughts on “My Three Trials (so far)

  1. There is something so engaging about rolls of hay…they seem so simple, yet they can take one down so many new corridors of thought. As for temptations……. it is very difficult to inhabit a human body vehicle and avoid that 100%. My guess is that one might benefit from time to time by taking one’s enlightenment spectacles off and just enjoying a blissful , no harm done, wander. “In Joy” = )

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