Painful Decisions

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Even for the Soul, life can be painful….

Ironically, a few days ago, I heard from the guy I had been doing the software consulting for – the consulting which was generating my main source of income.

One of the quirks that goes along with ego dis-identification is that life often has a way of jabbing you, poking and prodding you to live true – to follow your life’s path. Sometimes it makes you bleed.

Not long ago, I decided a path to pursue, a path to generate income (hopefully) while still providing a valuable service. It’s not certain. It’s a huge risk.

Then I got the call – the temptation, the dark forces that promised easy money in exchange for a piece of my soul.

I was sorely tempted.

I pissed him off and turned him down. I told him I had other interests now. He laid on the guilt. He laid on the promises. He laid on a secure and profitable future. I agreed with him on the potential. I still turned him down. He’ll never understand and I didn’t try to explain.

When faced with a decision that tries your soul, ask yourself, “What is right for Me?”

Sounds selfish, but if you are really in touch with your soul, that “Me” will be a hell of a lot more than you.

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6 thoughts on “Painful Decisions

  1. Wayne,

    I have had these 2 quotes written together on an index card
    for well over 15 years. . . . I understand your ~pain~ and
    admire you for following your authentic self path.

    “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding”
    -Khalil Gibran

    “There is no coming to consciousness without pain”
    -Carl Jung

    xo xo

    • Great quotes Deb. Gibran on Experience vs Thinking. Jung on facing your painful unconscious. Thanks!

      Quinzelle. This is also a great quote. Being the soul does reveal the beauty of the simple and common. Love it.

  2. By the looks of the scene, suggesting some TLC be kind to your self compassion and nurturing starts with your self.. love the words of William George Jordan – Makes me feel like hugging a tree;)
    “The supreme courage of life is the courage of the soul. It is living
    day by day, sincerely, steadfastly, serenely despite all opinions,
    obsticles, all opposition.
    It means the wine of inspiration from the crushed grapes of our sorrows.
    This courage makes the simplest life great.
    It makes the greatest life sublime.
    It means the royal dignity of fine individual living”

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