Fuzzy Fly on a Hard Rock

One of the most amazing things about this sense of Oneness is realizing with absolute certainty that what perceives the light and images that my eyes see, is the same thing that perceives the light and images that this fly sees. Realizing that what has been perceiving through my eyes my entire life, has been perceiving through every living creature since time began. I am that, the fly is that – you are that.

Why? Because if you look closely, you’ll see an infinite openness which is perceiving your thoughts (reading these words, seeing the photograph) – an infinite openness which has no boundaries. Perception is Source. Perception is Spirit. Perception is God.

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3 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Bee Fly. Proboscis looks dangerous, but is not 🙂 They will hover near one, because they are using you like a tree, as a fixed point to navigate on. Very nice.

    This paradox. Who am ‘I’ ? No answer. ‘I’ does not exist. Actually ‘I’ am still having trouble with it myself, so surely do not bother trying to explain it to anyone else. (That’s only one step away from saying ‘I am God’ and getting put in the asylum with those who cannot pretend they are someone and keep it together 🙂

    Generally, I act ‘to all intents and purposes’ – as if I am someone. Most people are fooled. Sometimes even I am.

  2. perception. great post. i have found a teacher recently that uses perception as a means to see. i am not sure why in all the the teachings i’ve come across, the perception aspect was not recognized. but now noticing the act of perception is a very powerful tool that also does not seem “difficult” to do. we are perceiving all the time every day. nothing mystical about it. noticing my perceptions is huge!

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