Cows with Horns

Cows With Horns

The last few days my camp’s been infested – infested with cows with horns. Last night, at 2 am I woke up to a big ol’ bull (not big ‘old’) who had brushed against the RV with enough force to rock it (and wake me), then proceeded to do what big ol’ bulls do at 2 am (anything they want), eat the grass under my bedroom window.

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4 thoughts on “Cows with Horns

  1. I was corrected by a cowboy once about this, so thought I would pass it on – just because…

    Cows are female, bulls are male – they’re both cattle though 🙂

  2. Well, bro – now you know how parents & I felt at times back in (what is now) Grant-Valkaria! That land across from the house we were in there was all for cattle! (I’m sure Sakura snuck over there at times just to get some free *fresh* milk…. ;> )

  3. Ahhh.. this must have been the most original (and funniest 🙂 wake-up call ever, will forever change the way I approach Gomukhasana traditionally such a reverent asana, can now become infinitely … whats the word…moooving… Wayne 😉

    Sure as the most certain sure …. plumb in the uprights,
    well entreated, braced in the beams,
    Stout as a horse, affectionate, haughty, electrical,
    I and this mystery we stand.
    Clear and sweet is my soul …. and clear and sweet is all
    that is not my soul,
    Lack one lacks both …. and the unseen is proved by the seen
    Till that becomes unseen and receives proof in its turn.
    To elaborate is no avail …. Learned and unlearned feel that it is so.
    Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

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