Portland Changes

Umbrella in a Garden

It’s been six years since I lived in Portland. Over the last couple of days I’ve noticed two big changes: There are definitely more people here and their driving has gotten worse.

When I arrived in Portland at the end of 2001, I had to constantly remind myself to “chill” my driving down. People were very polite drivers, actually letting you in when you flicked your turn signal on – something unheard of in South Florida.

Portland drivers are still some of the most polite city drivers that I’ve ever run across, but now, with more cars on the limited roads, there is definitely a lot more stress and tension in the “life” of the traffic. A symptom of population density.

Inevitable part of life I guess. Kind of says something about our future though: Peace, whether in a city or the world, is going to get harder and harder to achieve the more people we have (not that we’re all that great at getting along with each other right now).

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