Return to Lake Pleasant


I’ve been feeling the need to be near water. Since I had to move my rig to get my propane tank refilled, I used the opportunity to return to Lake Pleasant.

Below are a couple of nice emails I’ve received in the last few days. Used with permission…

One about Focus, Holosync and the Soul…

Hi Wayne.

I was catching up on your adventure and messages as my focus has been elsewhere over the last 2 months. Lots of changes occurring lately requiring my full focus!

I just read your section regarding your new focus and the following pages in January and I was inspired to drop you a line. I find your work to be very supportive to my own path of living my life identified with my soul. (And, I did take your recommendation and have been using Holosync–what a great development tool Bill Harris has made available for us!)

I just wanted to say ‘thank you so very much’ for your messages and your focus (the exact one of helping people identify with being a soul) as I continually find your work helps me to feel validated in my own path. It truly supports my soul while traveling in this world.

Thank you again from a fellow traveler and a resounding cheer of gratitude for your courageous work in the world!

~ Jana (–my soul’s label here this time around) 🙂

And this one about feeling different from most

I just left a comment on your blog, and was knocking around checking more out —

I feel compelled to give a little shout out’ and say hi. I felt an almost giddy sigh of relief reading the thoughts in your bio in regard to soul awareness: YES! I could go on and on.

I guess I just wanted you to know that you are not alone, some of us do know and struggle to honor that we are souls first and foremost. And I am thankful more of us are waking up while here — glad to ‘meet’ you!

Your work is vital, and supported! (I just made a donation.)

Blessings on your Nomadic journey,


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