Sitting Frog

Sitting Frog

I sat on a rock, by a brook, next to a field, on the slopes of Mt. Hood – meditating. In the brook, on a rock sat this little frog. While both of us sat there for nearly two hours, I was the one who tired first. How is it that a frog can sit for two hours with nothing to do while it drives most humans crazy? I thought on this during that meditation session…

(Edit 11/2/2013: That question (and the reality of it while sitting there), How is it that a frog can sit for two hours with nothing to do while it drives most humans crazy?  is what initiated the shattering and dropping away of my personal self.)

Brook, Field, Forest, Mountain, Sky

Evolution gave us brains, but along with the brains come thoughts – and thoughts bring distractions and fantasizing and imaginations.

The frog, sitting like a Zen master, was completely mindful of his surroundings – seeing the world exactly as it appeared. I sat and watched as my brain dumped one thought after another across the screen of my mind’s eye.

One path of meditation – a path to a calm and serene mind – is to think of the mind as a clear sky and to see your thoughts like clouds and mountains and trees. Then to shift your perspective from the clouds and mountains and trees, up and outward, to the clear, unclouded sky under which everything else appears.

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9 thoughts on “Sitting Frog

  1. and i’m off to go sit Mandukasana (frogpose) to still the fluctuations of the mind.. hee hee.. we can learn much from nature it appears..

  2. A message from the frog:

    ” You sat next to me for two hours, but you were so engrossed in your own thoughts that you could not penetrate my little mind. I sat there – in a life and death situation, waiting for you to leave without noticing me. My patience paid off – my photo might be on your blog, but I am alive. When you become very aware and very awake about life – you will know how to sit still between life and death. Still, very still.

    You are too comfortable and have forgotten how we all live on that edge of life and death, every single moment. That is why people go and climb dangerous mountain tops – to remember that feeling. People do a lot of things to remember it. Then they know – what it means to be still. If you listened you would have heard my message during those two hours. You were too busy with yourself instead.”

  3. @Lilly: “You are too comfortable and have forgotten how we all live on that edge of life and death, every single moment.”

    I love the Edge. You may not realize it, but I am homeless, poor, have a piece of junk car and absolutely no fear of the future because I no longer fear death (see The Implications of the Soul). I know you are a new reader, so I just wanted to point out a little of my background.

    My “Frog Master” didn’t teach me about fear, but about the beautiful emptiness behind the mind and its thoughts.

    Thanks for all your comments!

  4. You are right. On that edge – there is no fear. There is only awareness and paying attention and being very much alive.

  5. Hello Wayne,
    I just posted on your wall. I often become teary and choked up as I read your writings. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For every word.
    Peace to you my brother.
    ~ david
    in West Hills, Calif

  6. It’s enlightening to me that sitting next to a frog and ignoring desires and happenings is what man calls a “meditation session” – to the frog, “life”.

    …makes me wonder which is more evolved.

  7. I feel very grateful to have found you and your writings . I feel very comfortable with both and it’s the thing I turn to at the moment whenever I have time to myself . Thank you . Karen Lysley , Castle Combe , Wiltshire ,

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